Celebrating our remarkable milestones and looking forward to the opportunities that lie ahead with Seera.

40 years of success.

We started this journey as the Al Tayyar Travel Group. For 40 years, we grew our portfolio of brands; helping families, businesses, holiday-makers, pilgrims and government officials move around our region and our world. We’re grateful that our dedication made us the leading travel and tourism services company in the region.

A new beginning

As the world and the industry has evolved, so it was our time to reimagine ourselves as a modern brand, Seera.

Driven by a fresh vision and purpose, we’re accelerating towards a greater future, connecting our home to the region and the world. Seera represents our shift towards new travel opportunities and deeper global connections. Through our balanced portfolio of trusted brands, we can deliver on our promise by working better, smarter and more innovatively for all travellers

1st office in Riyadh

Our journey started in 1979 with the Takhassusi Street branch and just 4 employees.

Closed joint-stock company

We continued to grow through government contracts and the acquisition of similar businesses.

Leading to an IPO

Set for even greater growth with a public listing on the Saudi stock exchange. 

Expanding our horizons

We took our journey to another level with our technology investments and international businesses.

Transformation programme began

Our growth and development evolved into a large-scale transformation programme of the group.

Launched the new identity for Al Tayyar Travel Group – Seera

We have continually forged new pathways and always challenged ourselves to move further, enriching futures and building bridges for others to follow. Seera is the culmination of this spirit.

A successful evolution

Following our major brand transformation, we have cemented our position as a leader in the travel industry with a plethora of award-wins and new business relationships.