"Al-Tayyar Travel Group" confirms that the developments of aviation industry in the region and the world would reflect more growth in travel and tourism sector in the Kingdom, and stimulates for more improvement and development in services provided by the companies operating in this field.

CEO for business development Mr. Rashed Al-Muqait said: "The last months and weeks showed a clear keenness from the government of the Kingdom and other governments of the region to advance the travel and tourism sector away from effects of the global crisis, and to overcome the burdens of this crisis on economies and other sectors of these states.

He added saying: "Perhaps the most prominent signs of these trends is the great interest shown by the major cities of the Kingdom to develop their aerial facilities and infrastructure, in order to attract more of the most important and largest international airlines. As well as the great efforts undertaken by national carriers over the Arabic Gulf area, including Saudi Arabian Airlines to expand its fleet and increase of its foreign terminals.

Mr. Al-Muqait said that "Al-Tayyar Travel Group" closely monitor the developments witnessed by the aviation sector in the region, considering that any airline, destination or new service added could make a change and increase the travel and tourism activity, principally for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which is the main destination of tourism in the region. He pointed out that the rates of growth recorded in the region during the first and second quarters far exceed the growth rate realized internationally by the air transportation industry.

Mr. Al-Muqait stressed that all figures, studies and reports indicate the existence of broad prospects for more growth in travel and tourism sector Kingdom-wide and at the level of the Arabic Gulf area as a whole within the upcoming years. Therefore, we can say that the current stage is an opportunity to redouble efforts for developing services of the public and private institutions operating in the sector.

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