Everything you need to know about our recent transformation.

  • Why has the name changed from Al Tayyar Travel Group to Seera?
    Al Tayyar Travel Group has restructured to offer you smarter, more rewarding experiences. Seera, which means journey, represents this evolution and marks our dedication to serve you better across all of our travel and tourism brands.
  • Is this still Al Tayyar Travel Group?
    Al Tayyar Travel Group has been renamed Seera. We still offer you the same services and products as before – just under a new name and a new structure of brands. Depending on what you’re looking for, we will be able to redirect you to one of these brands: To book personal holidays, flights or hotels, the Almosafer team will be able to help. To discuss a Government or business travel requirement, the Elaa team can assist. For Hajj & Umrah enquiries, the Mawasim team are on call. For car rental and leasing, the Lumi team can help (Lumi is the new name for STRAC).
  • I wanted to book with Al Tayyar Travel Group?
    Al Tayyar Travel Group has changed its name and structure as Seera, which offers various brands designed to meet your specific needs. You can now book your personal travel through Almosafer; business, corporate and Government travel through Elaa; or Hajj & Umrah packages through Mawasim.
  • Does my booking still exist with Al Tayyar Travel Group?
    Yes, your booking is still valid. All the benefits that you had with Al Tayyar Travel Group continue with Seera and our brands Almosafer, Elaa, Mawasim and Lumi.
  • Have the terms and conditions of my booking changed?
    No, all terms and conditions, and policies remain the same.
  • Is my contract still valid?
    Yes all contracts issued under Al Tayyar Travel Group remain valid. When your contract is next due to be reviewed or updated, it will then be re-issued under our new brand name.


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