Riyadh-"Al-Tayyar Travel Group" announced the signing of its subsidiary company "Al-Tayyar Cargo Services" to a General Sales Agreement with the "British Airways" for the provision of cargo services in Saudi Arabia. This agreement, which entered into force weeks ago, allows "Al-Tayyar Cargo Services" to provide all the services relating to cargo including X-ray scanning and transport to airport in Jeddah and Riyadh. President of "Al-Tayyar Travel Group" Dr. Nasser Al-Tayyar said: "This step is a new quantum leap on the journey of our group, it comes within the framework of the plan for diversifying income resources which we adopts and attain seniority over the different activities related to travel, tourism and cargo to serve interests of customers in the Kingdom.

He expressed his satisfaction for winning of the company to such agency pointing out that it will open space for enhancement of the Group’s performance and its activities in the Kingdom market. It further contributes to more growth of its annual revenues and profits. As well as the role such an agency plays in providing other options to companies, establishments and individuals, and its support of national economy. Worth noting here is that "Al-Tayyar Cargo Services" is one of "Al-Tayyar Travel Group" companies which is a member in the International Air Cargo Organization, it is also the general sales agreement and cargo services for more than 16 international airlines such as "Saudi Arabian Airlines", "Etihadair", "Egyptair" and others. "Al-Tayyar Travel Group" has announced last week its obtaining to the general sales agency of the "Global Associates for Airline Services" (APG-GA) network Kingdom-wide enabling it to provide the network’s services at the various international airlines operating in Saudi Arabia the number of which is 240.

Dr. Nasser said: "This type of agreements reflect the great trust on ability of the Group to represent the international and quasi-international commercial entities, and distributing of travel, tourism and cargo company products in the Saudi market". It is to be noted that "Al-Tayyar Travel Group" has more than strategic agent and partner worldwide. ATG also has general agencies in air cargo for six international airlines, and agencies for eleven international airlines, where the Group cooperates with 67 international airline, in addition to its ownership to 107 locations licensed by the international air transport association (IATA) spread Kingdom-wide to provide travel booking and ticketing.

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