((Al-Tayyar Insurance Broker)) one of Al-Tayyar Travel Group’s companies, which specialized in all kinds of insurance brokering, concluded an agreement with the Company for Co-operative Insurance/ Al-Tauwniya, which is the first company in the Saudi insurance market, under such an agreement ATG has obtained the distribution rights of Hajj and Umra insurance policy outside Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Deputy Chairman of the board of directors, and the managing director of Al-Tayyar Travel Group Dr. Nasser Al-Tayyar said on this occasion: "We always strive to be among the most advanced companies in the Saudi market, that is through providing sophisticated Hajj and Umra services to Muslims from all over the world, such services are at high levels of security and quality. This new product, which will enter within the packages and products provided by ATG a peculiar and valued addition to our honorable Hajj and Umra customers".

Al-Tayyar Travel Group was one the first companies operating inside the Kingdom that obtained an official license from the Ministry of Hajj in 2000, and ATG has since 2002 become a licensed agent for Umra, as the company provides an overall Hajj and Umra program including a religious advisor for each dispatch.

For his part, Al-Tayyar Insurance Broker Company’s Executive Director Mr. Hamdi Abdul Majeed said: "The insurance policy covers Hajj and Umra for the individuals arriving into the Kingdom until their return to their homelands, as it facilitates the pilgrim’s stay and made him feel safe and tranquil in case of his exposition to any accident or emergency sickness".

Insurance services according to this policy includes Hajj and Umra performers’ medical care within the hospitals and clinics all around the Holy places for rituals, during stay in the Kingdom, as well as transportation in case of disease or accidents and costs of returning the human remain to resident country in the case of death.

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