Riyadh, Sunday Correspondent to 9 of May, 2010: "Al-Tayyar Travel Group" one of the largest travel and tourism companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has obtained (ISO 9001 / 2008), the worldwide recognized system for Total Quality Management, after along and intensive assessment by ‘Moody International Co’ which owns 60 branches all over the world and enjoys high expertise and credibility in this field. The certificate has been accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).

Attainment of "Al-Tayyar Travel Group" to this certificate is confirmation for its commitment to its declared and implemented policy which often focuses on "clients’ satisfaction", that is through the provision of the best services relating to travel, tourism and cargo services to its clients, in competitive prices. the most sophisticated levels of quality and on time.

Total Quality Management system judges "Al-Tayyar Travel Group" method of management, and its operational processes starting from the appointment of qualified and experienced staff who carry on the constant progress of operation and performance, up to the provision of the final service selected by the client.

On this occasion, Dr. Nasser Al-Tayyar Deputy chairman of the Board of Directors and the managing director of ATG said: "The ideal work environment and the policy of persistent development of services pursued by the company are integral parts of the business procedures, he stressed the Group’s full commitment to quality standards in all aspects by the revision and measurement of its operations effectiveness to meet the variable needs of clients, all but with an unparalleled professionalism, expedition and precision.

Dr. Nasser Al-Tayyar continued to say: "Our attainment of this recognition is a new achievement to be added to the series of achievements realized by the Group at all levels, it further confirms to our clients and all bodies we transacts with that Al-Tayyar Travel Group is continuously work for ensure the best practices in day to day operations, in a manner satisfying clients with their different categories at the different regions in which we have presence".

It is noteworthy that "Al-Tayyar Travel Group" has more than 500 agent and strategic partner all over the world, and it owns general agencies in air cargo for six international airlines, and agencies for eleven international airlines, where the Group transacts with 67 international airline and owns at the same time 107 offices licensed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) spreading all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide travel booking and reservation services.

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