Al-Tayyar Travel Group through its extensive network and international branches seeks to support and develop the business travel sector which is one the most important of the company’s activities in line with its belief that this industry in backing up all sectors of KSA’s economy.

Al-Tayyar Travel Group works to consolidate the travel business sector and set its foundations over three decades, to keep pace with developments and challenges taking place in the economy of the Kingdom, the powerful economy within the region and the most closely related economy with foreign trade both regionally and internationally.

ATG chief executive for business development and expansion Mr. Rashed Al-Mugait said that: "Business travel sector started to take an ascending pattern across the categories relative to this sector, including business travel for governmental and private businesses all over the world. This sector turns out to play a leading role in the growth of world’s travel and tourism sectors in particular and the region in particular".

He added: "Business travel is not currently limited to companies only, but includes states together with their all bodies also, what we see of international exhibitions and conferences, in addition to the development of the travel services such as airports and the like, open skies and facilitation of entry and visas is the best proof.

ATG established more than 300 office Kingdom-wide, including head offices for these economical entities in order to provide service to its businessmen and governmental authority clients. Furthermore, ATG strive to exist in proximity of where its clients are moving, that is by opening 26 ATG offices all over the Kingdom airports, through which ATG provides comprehensive services observing the specific requirements of businessmen and decision-makers (such as booking, ticketing, air cargo services as well as car-rental services, in addition to the services provided for Al-Tayyar Group’s clients at airports).

Moreover, ATG has a regional and international presence represented in 18 offices outside the Kingdom, along with the partner whose number is more than 500 agents thus, forming an integrative international network that enables ATG make easy and upgrade its services. In addition to the presence on the spot to keep up with the needs of its customers and to provide the necessary services which facilitate their tasks and preserve the precious time.

ATG offices are found over Arab states in Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon and Sudan. As for the global level ATG offices are in India, Thailand, Malaysia, Canada and United States of America. All these offices are connected with an international high-quality communication system. Al-Tayyar Travel Group is characterized by a round the clock working system throughout the week (24/7) to ensure convenience to its customers and their restful travel and transportation, as its keenness is to meet their demands and response to any changes may occur to their agenda.

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