AlTayyar travel group holding co. declares that on 30/12/2014 its board of directors appointed its member MR. Abdullah bin Nasser aldawood as the CEO of the group as of 1/1/2015 with continuation of his position as a member of the board and the end of the assignment of DR . Ail Al-Tigani ahmed from his position as the group acting CEO . The board extends its thanks and appreciation to DR . Ail for the efforts he exerted in the service the group.

Mr. Abdullah bin Nasser Aldawood is one of the national business leaders. He assumed a number of executive positions the last of which was vice president with the banking investment group duetche bank in the Middle East and North Africa in addition to various membership of board of directors of many companies in the gulf region. He has am Honors Master Degree in Business Administration and International Politics and Economics Science from George town University in the USA as well as Honors Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from King Saud University .

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