Al-Tayyar Travel Group, one of the largest travel and tourism companies in the Middle East, participated in support of "Ett’am" / feeding program for Grace Saving by organizing a number of awareness exhibition in several Riyadh city complexes under the banner "Grace saving is the responsibility of all of us", which aims to serve the community and spreading the culture of grace saving.

"Ett’am" confirms that the support of ATG to its programs put on it a greater responsibility to provide best and sophisticated services in order for this project to be pioneer in social service, expressing its pride for becoming a strategic partner of ATG in this success.

"Ett’am" has started by an initiative of a group of businessmen in Eastern Region aiming to save grace from squandering, that is through transfer the idea of the international food banks and applied in Saudi Arabia in a professional manner, with the purpose of societal and awareness partnership of the ways to attract benevolent resources in order to provide proper food to the beneficiaries and achieving the concept of social solidarity.

"Ett’am" has concluded a number of agreements with five star hotels and major halls so as to activate Grace Saving Program through packing the excess of meals in best ways of quality and safety and deliver to the beneficiary in cooperation with other charitable organizations which have presence on the region. "Ett’am" is non-profit institution the specialty of which is to provide food, and it endeavors to create an awareness and spread culture of grace saving all over the society by organizing educational exhibitions and delivering symposiums and awareness lectures to teach the society about the importance of grace saving.

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