ATG, one of the largest travel and tourism in the Middle East, has participated in supporting Disabled Children Society activities by donating a sum amounting 165 thousand Saudi Riyals as carrying out it social responsibility towards children of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Society’s board chairman Prince Sultan Bin Salman Bin Abdul Aziz extended his thankfulness and appreciation of ATG support expressing his hope of ATG continuous support to the society in order to enable it to undertake its pioneer role in providing services to disabled children.

The Disabled Children Society is a pioneer national philanthropic society that addresses disability issues thoroughly and scientifically methodological manner that the fruits of which will be reaped by the society as a whole, it acts on raising awareness level of family cohesion, family individual rights, and stimulating the concerned authorities to complete the system of relevant legislations and procedures of the divorced women and the like as well as their children.

ATG provides passengers with cargo services, rent car, insurance, and multiple hotel services, in addition to travel and tourism services in and outside the Kingdom.

ATG is also work to achieve numerous and various successes given its presence in all regions of the Kingdom and abroad also, due to its service excellence, respect to the trust covenant that link it with its customers, and its constant effort to insure their comfort.

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