At the presence of His Excellency Minister of Higher Education Dr. Ahmad Bin Muhammad Al-Saif the International Symposium of English Language Teaching that is held in Al-Yammama University has been opened along with its accompanying exhibition.

A number of renowned English Language Institutes from America and Britain participated in this exhibition as well as US Embassy and Al-Tayyar Travel Group as a partner and Silver Patron in this event.

A number of events such as the students’ workshops and contributors of the ceremony have been held associating with the symposium. This event comes to support to the importance of English language learning currently as it becomes the basis for communicating with various civilizations.

Meanwhile, Al-Yammama University Vice-Chancellor Professor Husain Al-Furaihi called the Saudi universities for partnering with featured language centers asserting on the importance of such relation between the university and language program to be based on partnership and mutual responsibility.

At the end of the event, the patrons who supported and contributed to this ceremony and symposium have been honored, amongst them is Al-Tayyar Travel Group represented by ATG Vice President for the Operations Ustaz Saud Al-Arifi.

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