Riyadh.Tuesday.December 21st: "Arabian Travel News: has compiled a list of the 50 most powerful figures within the travel sector>Dr.Nasser bin Aqeel Al Tayyar has been ranked 13th overall and is the most influential Saudi figure from the private sector in the tourism industry.

Through his vision, experience and education, Dr Nasser Al Tayyar has been able to lead <> to multiple successes over three decades and has become one of the largest companies operating in the travel and tourism sector within the region. Creating globally integrated tourism services> the group now includes 12 companies under its umbrella. Specializing in travel and tourism services within the kingdom and about 20 companies outside the kingdom, which include more than 40 different services in all areas of travel and tourism.

The group plays an important role alongside the general authority for tourism and antiquities to encourage internal and external tourism to support this sector and follow the global developments and mechanisms in order to enhance the contribution to the GDP of the kingdom. The tourism sector contributes 7.2% of the Saudi economy, an income worth about 102 billion riyals (72.2 billion dollars) with his figure expected to increase in the forthcoming years.

Al Tayyar travel group is working through its network and international branches to consolidate and develop the corporate travel sector, with more than 300 branches in all regions of Saudi Arabia, 26 offices in all of the kingdom’s airports and 14 international offices. The corporate travel industry is the most important activity of the company and is constantly keeping pace with the developments and challenges of the kingdom’s economy. Which is the strongest economy in the region.

Dr. Nasser bin Aqeel Al Tayyar insists on the importance of corporate social responsibility, which is one of the most sacred tasks and duties carried out by "Altayyar travel Group " to support social work, and to encourage many diverse activities which serve the community and the development of its mechanism and management trainees.

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