• 20 Jan 2022

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Introduction A reference to the group’s announcement published on the Tadawul website on 04/30/1442 AH corresponding to 12/15/2020 CE, which outlines that the first batch of hotels has been completed, provided that the hotels will be operated gradually.
Date of Posting the Previous Announcement of Development on Tadawul’s Website 2020-12-15 Corresponding to 1442-04-30
URL of the Previous Announcement Click Here
Change on the Development Seera Holding Group is pleased to announce the opening of two hotels from the previously announced group of hotels, which are as follows:

1- Clarion Jeddah Airport Hotel – located on Prince Majed Road

2- Jeddah Comfort Hotel and Suites – located on King Abdulaziz Road

It should be noted that any developments regarding the remaining hotels will be announced in due course.

Financial Impact on the change N/A

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