• 12 Oct 2015

12-10-2015     29-12-1436

Further to the declaration of the Company published in Tadawul website on 27/12/1435AH (21/10/2014) regarding the exclusive agency agreement in Makkah Region between MAWASIM TOURS Co. one of the Group’s subsidiaries – and Hilton International Hotel Group by which MAWASIM TOURS Co. provides bookings for the Group’s clients through electronic link with Hilton electronic platform.
The Group declares that the Agreement is renewed on 12/10/2015 for one – year renewable period effective 1/1/1437AH with total value of SR 55,250,00 (fifty-five million,two hundred and fifty thousand) to be paid within the contracted year as per the actual use of rooms.
The renewal of the agreement is made with the same terms and conditions.
The financial impact of the renewal is expected to start in the first quarter of the year 2016.

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