• 22 Sep 2021

Element List Explanation
Introduction With reference to the announcement of Seera Group Holding on 23/08/1442 corresponding to 04/05/2021, regarding the resignation of the company’s CEO and appointing him as a Managing Director, and the appointment of an acting CEO for the company.

Seera Group Holding announces the termination of acting CEO and appointing him as CEO of the company according to the board resolution dated 22/09/2021

Element List Explanation
Appointment Type Appointment
Name of the CEO Mr. Majed Ayed Alnefaie
Date of Board Resolution 2021-09-22 Corresponding to 1443-02-15
Date Work Commencement 2021-10-01 Corresponding to 1443-02-24
Brief Resume Vice president of the Revenue Department, Makkah Construction and Development Company.

Director of Makkah Hilton Towers.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mawasim Investment Group.

He is also a board member of several companies operating in the field of tourism and hotel services.

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