• 29 Oct 2023

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Introduction Seera Group Holding ("The Group") is pleased to announce the initiation of nomination for membership of the Board of Directors, for the session starting in 29 March 2024 ending in 28 March 2028, in order to select seven members, provided that they include at least three independent members according to the definition of the Independent Director stipulated in the Corporate Governance Regulations issued by the Capital Market Authority.

The nomination for membership of the Board of Directors will be in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Law and the Corporate Governance Regulations issued by the Capital Market Authority and the Board of Directors Membership Policies and Standards approved by the General Assembly (attached).

The selection of the nominated members for the Board of Directors new session will take place at the General Assembly Meeting, which will be announced later after obtaining the necessary approvals from the relevant authorities.

Type of Assembly New Session
Assembly Start Date 2024-03-29 Corresponding to 1445-09-19
Assembly End Date 2028-03-28 Corresponding to 1449-11-02
Number of members 7
Application Start Date 2023-10-29 Corresponding to 1445-04-14
Application End Date 2023-11-29 Corresponding to 1445-05-15
Applications Submission Method All required documents and attached forms shall be sent prior to the end of the nomination period described in the announcement to the Nomination and Remuneration Committee via E-mail: [email protected]
Application Requirements The candidate must fulfill the eligibility criteria for membership in the Board of Directors as stipulated in the relevant regulations and rules, as follows:

1. Fulfill the conditions and standards for membership in the Board of Directors approved by the General Assembly (attached).

2. Submit a signed letter addressed to the Nominations and Remuneration Committee expressing their desire to be nominated during the specified announcement period. The letter should be accompanied by their resume, qualifications, and experience in the company’s business field (attached).

3. Complete and submit Form (1) – Curriculum Vitae (attached).

4. Complete and submit a signed copy of Form (3) issued by the Capital Market Authority for the nomination for membership in the Board of Directors (attached). The form can be obtained through the Authority’s website www.cma.org.sa.

5. Provide a statement indicating the number and dates of memberships in the boards of directors of joint-stock companies and the committees they have served or are currently serving as members.

6. Provide a statement regarding the companies or institutions in which they participate in management or ownership and engage in activities similar to the company’s business.

7. Attach a clear and valid copy of the national ID card, family card, and passport (for non-Saudis) or commercial registration for companies and institutions, along with the candidate’s contact information. Also, attach a recent photograph of the candidate.

8. Complete and submit the member independence verification form (Attached)

All documents and supporting certificates related to the nomination application should be in Arabic, certified by official authorities. The candidate must provide an accredited Arabic translation for any documents or written materials in a foreign language.

It is necessary to review the relevant regulations and rules, including those issued by the Capital Market Authority, and ensure compliance with them. The candidate bears the responsibility for this.

The Nominations and Remuneration Committee shall review the applications received from candidates in accordance with Article 62 (2) of the Corporate Governance Regulations. Please note that voting in the General Assembly will be limited to those who have nominated themselves for membership in the Board, in accordance with the specified conditions and criteria.

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