• 29 Jan 2023

Element List Explanation
Introduction Seera Group Holding announces that the Board of Directors accepted the resignation of Chief Executive Officer Mr.Majed Bin Ayedh Alnefaie on 28/01/2023 corresponding to 06/07/1444H due to his own circumstances, and his resignation shall be effective as of 01/02/2023 corresponding to 10/07/1444 H.

The Board has expressed its thanks and gratitude to Mr.Majed Bin Ayedh Alnefaie for his efforts during his service in the company, and wished him all the success.

Any further developments related to the appointment of a new or acting CEO of the company will be announced in due course.

Element List Explanation
Name of the Resigned CEO Majed Bin Ayedh Alnefaie
Resignation Acceptance Date 2023-01-28 Corresponding to 1444-07-06
Resignation Effective Date 2023-02-01 Corresponding to 1444-07-10
Reasons for Resignation His own circumstances

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