• 05 Apr 2021

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Introduction Seera Group Holding announces that its Board of Directors has accepted the resignation of the CEO, Mr. Abdullah bin Nasser Al-Dawood due to his assignment to additional supervisory and leadership responsibilities, and his appointment as a Managing Director of the group. On this occasion, the Board of Directors is pleased to extend its sincere gratitude and appreciation for his efforts and dedication that culminated in many successes during his work as CEO, wishing him success and more achievements in his new assignment.

Also, it should be noted that the Board of Directors issued a decision to assign a member of the Board of Directors Mr. Majed bin Ayed Al-Nefaie to carry out the work of the Group CEO, wishing him success.

Element List Explanation
Name of the Resigned CEO Abdullah Nasser Aldawood
Resignation Acceptance Date 2021-04-05 Corresponding to 1442-08-23
Resignation Effective Date 2021-04-05 Corresponding to 1442-08-23
Reasons for Resignation Assigning him to additional supervisory and leadership responsibilities

Element List Explanation
Appointment Type Delegation
Name of the CEO Majed Ayed Alnefaie
Date of Board Resolution 2021-04-05 Corresponding to 1442-08-23
Date Work Commencement 2021-04-05 Corresponding to 1442-08-23
Brief Resume Vice president of the Revenue Department, Makkah Construction and Development Company.

Director of Makkah Hilton Towers.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mawasim Investment Group. He is also a member of several companies operating in the field of tourism and hotel services.

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