• 12 Dec 2019

"With Salesforce, we’ve got the talent, knowledge, and capability to make the customer journey even more remarkable."

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Saudi Arabia is on the brink of change. Following economic and social transformations, the Kingdom is now ready to open its doors to the world – and tourism is set to play a key role. With the launch of electronic tourist visas, families, business travellers, holidaymakers, and pilgrims are all being given a warm welcome.

"Our business is at the forefront of change, opening up travel for everyone by connecting our country to the rest of the world," said Abdulrahman Mutrib, Chief Technology Officer at Seera Group. "We are a tech-driven company and continuously leverage advanced digital solutions in line with one of our core principles of transforming into a fully-fledged customer-centric organisation."

The transformation is part of Vision 2030, an initiative to diversify Saudi Arabia’s economy, with the aim to become one of the top five global tourist destinations and bring in 30 million holidaymakers a year. 

And as the Middle East’s leading travel and tourism company, Seera Group is a driving force behind this vision. Following a rebrand in April 2019, Seera Group is now a public company, providing a more streamlined offering across digital and retail touchpoints across a number of brands.

"Our business is at the forefront of change, opening up travel for everyone by connecting our country to the rest of the world." – ABDULRAHMAN MUTRIB, CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER, SEERA GROUP

Getting closer to the customer

To stay ahead of the competition, Seera Group wanted to offer the best possible customer experience: and that meant getting up close and personal with customers. "With Salesforce, we’ve unlocked a 360-degree view of the customer and have richer insights to help us serve them better," said Mr. Mutrib. 

And with 1.5 million travellers using its flagship brand, Almosafer, in 2018, and 40 million online searches in the first half of 2019, that’s a lot of customers getting a more personalised service. The group also has more than a million social media followers, and its company apps have been downloaded millions of times.

"We want to offer customers a great experience whether they’re contacting us by phone, email, mobile, social media channels, or in-store," explained Mr. Mutrib. "With Service Cloud, we can offer a seamless service even if a customer starts their journey online and then comes in store to complete the booking." 

By tracking browsing history in Salesforce, in-store agents have full visibility of the customer’s browsing history and can pick up where they left off on the website without asking the same questions twice. With new stores being onboarded every day, the company hopes to have all 50 up and running by Q1 2020 – and all using Salesforce.

Greater consistency sends satisfaction through the roof

By empowering Seera Group’s  1,000-plus customer service agents to provide a more consistent customer experience and personalised service, Seera Group has improved customer satisfaction and staff productivity.

Through integrations between Salesforce and other core business systems, agents have access to the full customer history, including all previous trips booked with Seera Group, customer travel preferences, and any open claims. That means, when a customer gets in touch, the agent already knows who they are, and they can have a more meaningful conversation that quickly addresses the customer’s enquiry.

The Group also works alongside partners to optimise customer trips and minimise the hassle of having to deal with multiple companies.

Since going live in October 2018, Seera has conducted over 2 million business and 4 million customer transactions. And thanks to Salesforce, customer satisfaction has soared by 10%.

Richer insights help build customer loyalty

Data captured in Salesforce helps Seera Group to unlock richer real-time insights on customer trends. It can then make smarter business decisions on how to improve the customer journey based on real requirements rather than conjecture. "These insights give us a competitive edge to help win more customers," said Mr. Mutrib.

Building the smartest and most intuitive business travel model platform in the industry has made travelling simpler and more enjoyable for millions of customers every year. "With Salesforce, we’ve got the talent, knowledge, and capability to make the customer journey even more remarkable," concluded Mr. Mutrib.