In the framework of exchanging strategic relations and discussing mutual concerns in favor of servicing customers, consolidate relations, strengthen and develop the strategic partnership between the Philippine Airlines and Al-Tayyar Travel Holding Group (Central Province Philippine Airlines’ General Sales Agent), the Philippine Airlines and in coordination with ATG set up a workshop attended by a large number of featured travel and tourism agents in Riyadh upon the occasion of resumption its flights starting from 01/12/2013.

A meeting was also held, attended from the Philippine Airlines by the GSA and Chartered Service Mr. Pocholo M. Azucena and his accompanied delegation of the company, ATG is represented in this meeting by GSA General Manager Mr. Wael Jad, Sales and Marketing Manager Mr. Pilli, and Revenue Manager Mr. Jiby Juse, in addition to ATG Media and Marketing Center staff. A number of views and ideas aim at advancing customer services are considered and solutions to develop the services provided by Philippine Airlines are discussed.

The workshop on the other hand included a number of contributions and interferences by the audience, a number of free air-tickets are granted to the participants. The workshop concluded its events by a dinner party in honor of the Philippine Airlines delegation.

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