His Royal Highness Prince Sattam Bin Abdul Aziz Deputy Amir of Riyadh recently honors Al-Tayyar Travel Group the patron and partner premier for the "Arab Forum on Social Responsibility". This came during the opening of the ceremony hosted by Corporate Social Responsibility in Riyadh and opened by Prince Sattam Bin Abdul Aziz and president of the General Authority for Tourism and Antiquities Prince Sultan Bin Salman in Al-Faisaliyah Hotel in Riyadh, it is attended by participants from Saudi Arabia, Arab countries as well as a number of international figures.

The forum was under the banner "Towards an institutional culture", a variety of events has been held during the forum such as the workshops, lectures and sideline meetings among participants.

Deputy chairman of board of directors and the managing director of "Al-Tayyar Travel Group" Dr. Nasser Al-Tayyar expressed his great pleasure to this honor, emphasizing his appreciation of the Group’s participation in this forum, its sponsor to this event and its presence through a big and special pavilion.

He stressed that social responsibility became one of the tasks and duties undertaken by the private sector to support the social works; "Al-Tayyar Travel Group" was one of the pioneers in this respect through the many diverse activities it undertook in order to serve the community and develop its mechanisms and cadres.

Dr. Nasser renewed his commitment to support the government efforts to rise the culture of responsibility towards the community and to enhance the culture of community participation, pointing out that the Group is proud and pleased with this honor by Highness Deputy Prince of Riyadh province, and that this achievement is one of the fruits of big and multiple efforts carried out by the company at the previous period, and we are ahead of a stage which is full of activity in this regard.

Al-Tayyar Travel Group vice president for development Mr. Fahad Al-Baz has received the honorary shield for His Highness Prince Sattam at the end of the open ceremony; his Highness praised the patrons who participate at the forum due to their sense of responsibility towards their homeland and community.

Mr. Al-Baz emphasized that "Al-Tayyar Travel Group" plays its best social role giving an example of the group’s won of the first place by the General Authority for Tourism and Antiquities in realizing rate of Saudization of jobs in the group.

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