Advanced post-booking technology solutions drastically reduce processing time. Amadeus specially developed the new technology to meet the needs of Seera Group, reflecting their close partnership.

Seera Group, the leading provider of diverse travel and tourism services in the Middle East, and Amadeus, a leading travel technology company, have together launched new technology in Saudi Arabia to improve the post-booking experience for customers.

Seera Group recently introduced Amadeus’ advanced post-booking technology solutions to the Kingdom which provide numerous optimisation benefits including drastically reducing the time needed to re-issue tickets across all Seera’s omni-channel touch points by automating the process. Requests for ticket changes, whether made via Seera’s travel verticals on booking platforms, call centres, in-branch, or WhatsApp channels, can now be processed in less than five minutes. 

The new technology solutions, which include ticket changing technology and robotics auto ticketing module, address a longstanding issue in the travel industry which has previously had to grapple with time-consuming and convoluted processes to provide tickets to customers. With the number of manual steps and time required for bookings and passenger name record now reduced, Seera agents are able to refocus their time on serving their customers. Amadeus’ technology solutions ensure booking accuracy and also provide round-the-clock support. 

Jamel Chandoul, Senior Vice President, Amadeus Travel Sellers, Middle East and Africa, said, "Automation plays a key role in freeing Seera agents from time consuming manual tasks and allowing them to stay focused on their customers. Our long-lasting partnership with Seera is grounded in bringing them the technology they need to continue strengthening their position as leaders in the Kingdom." 

In addition to being the first to use Amadeus’ post-booking technologies for reissuing tickets in the Kingdom, Seera Group is also the first to use these technologies to issue and reissue tickets for Saudi government entities, reflecting Seera’s leading digital capabilities.

The advanced post-booking technology solutions were specially developed by Amadeus to meet the needs of Seera Group and its customers and builds upon a longstanding relationship between Seera and Amadeus to provide pioneering technology in the Kingdom. 

Tarique Khatri, EVP at Seera Group, said, "Seera Group is constantly working to enhance its customers’ experience and convenience. Our well-established partnership with Amadeus has enabled us to work closely together to develop the latest state-of-the-art technology to provide our customers with seamless and personalised user experiences. Together we will continue to shape the Kingdom’s digital travel landscape and cement Seera’s position as the national champion of Saudi Arabia’s tourism sector. These advanced post-booking technologies are a result of our successful partnership, and we look forward to our continued collaboration with Amadeus."

Seera Group invests heavily in digital technology, leveraging its digital learnings across its verticals to constantly adapt its digital offerings to reflect the needs of the customer and ensure the Group remains future-ready.

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