elaa, the dedicated travel management brand of Seera Group, has launched a digital travel booking platform that meets the needs of the new normal

·         The new digital travel management platform enables users to manage all their travel-related bookings through a dual-language, easy-to-use portal

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; October xx 2020: Seera Group, the region’s leading travel services company, today announced the launch of elaa 3.0, a digital travel management solution that has been designed to optimize corporate and government travel bookings across Saudi Arabia.

A new dedicated portal has been launched for elaa, Seera’s travel management company, that enables employees of partner organisations to make all their bookings and travel planning seamlessly without having to go through a tedious and costly manual process. This means reduced cost through higher levels of transparency, pre-defined policy setting and travel management efficiency.

Elaa made the most of the downtime caused by travel restrictions during the pandemic by digitising and simplifying the processes and enabling continuous improvement and innovation for its partner companies across private and public sectors. Making travel management self-sufficient, the new improved platform can digitally connect everything for customers whilst supporting them in the new normal, as travel management policies, structures and strategies have changed following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Government ministries, departments and corporates with large-scale travel management requirements, can now manage all their requirements through elaa’s new portal, which is designed as a flexible and scalable booking platform that is easy to navigate and time, as well as cost-efficient.

Abdulrahman Mutrib, Executive Vice President & Group Chief Technology Officer of Seera Group, said: "The new reality has brought a significant change in the travel requirements of corporate and government entities. Travel policies are constantly being updated or reviewed, and only a Travel Management System that can factor in these changes in real-time can add true value to organisations. Over the past years, we have been investing significantly in digitising our processes, and we are now ready to offer the next-generation TMS system for our customers."

"The digitisation of the processes, end-to-end, will mean less complexities in bookings, easy modifications and changes, as needed, and higher levels of operational efficiency. The automation of travel management, through elaa 3.0, will lead to not only time saving but also cost advantages for the organisation."

Among the benefits for customers include search, select and booking of employee trips as a self-service, as well as a streamlined and swift digital approval process seamlessly regulated with pre-configured internal travel policies. With real-time tracking of booking requests, elaa 3.0 serves as a revolutionary product in the travel market sector in KSA. 

Dynamic and easy to use, elaa’s highly secure and automated platform helps redefine corporate and government travel for the new era. Elaa, meaning ‘trusted advisor’ in Arabic, has activated a suite of internal training programmes to familiarise customers on the new models that will be implemented.

As MENA’s largest homegrown travel company, Seera manages cutting-edge consumer online travel platforms on the app, web and mobile web, as well as retail travel agencies across the Kingdom. Seera is also the largest corporate and government travel services provider in Saudi Arabia.


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