Dubai, UAE, 24 December 2019: After taking part in intensive sessions and workshops, candidates of
Jadarah, Seera Group’s five-month accelerator programme, have now commenced on-the-job learning
at Seera’s offices. Through the hands-on training with the region’s leading travel and tourism company,
they gain both technical and interpersonal skills in addition to industry-recognised credentials through
one-on-one mentorship with the most tech-driven travel and tourism organisation in Saudi Arabia.

The Jadarah programme candidates now work at Seera Group’s state-of-the-art facilities and are trained
and mentored by experienced consultants from different departments. They are introduced to an
inspiring ecosystem of workplace innovation – a hallmark of Seera Group – and gain first-hand
experience on the advanced technologies that are deployed at the organisation.

Candidates work under various teams including Strategy, Data, Performance Marketing, Product
Development, UX/UI, User Research, Technology, Partnerships, Revenue Management and HR that will
help them move into more highly skilled roles within or outside Seera Group.

Abdulaziz Aldawood, Head of Jadarah, said: "Jadarah is a flagship programme that aims to build the skillsets of young Arab talents for the travel and tourism industry, especially with the sector recording exceptional growth and new opportunities emerging in Saudi Arabia. It is important that we invest in home-grown talent, who can take up professional careers to boost the prospects of the travel and tourism sector. The in-house on-the-job training offered at Seera Group will strengthen their skills, encouraging them to take up jobs in the industry or evolve as entrepreneurs who can contribute to the economy."

The first two months of the programme focused on training sessions – both technical and soft skills covering problem-solving, storylining and presentation skills, excel and financial statements, public speaking, emotional intelligence, career counselling, personal branding and more. The second stage, now ongoing, centres on applying the cultivated skills during the on-the-job-training with Seera Group. 

Five candidates have been chosen to join the Product Development Team where they learn how to manage different projects by thinking creatively to develop a product that is user-friendly. Four candidates joined the Performance Marketing team where they develop search engine campaigns specifically for Seera Group’s different business units. This is an opportunity for them to use the skills and knowledge that they gained over the two months of training. 

Ahmed Gadou, 2019 Jadarah candidate from Egypt: "Before joining Jadarah, I was building my own start-up. When I heard about a graduate programme, I thought that it would be a great opportunity for me to learn about entrepreneurship. Networking adds value to my start-up, and the programme allows you to meet experts from different fields. For my internship, I decided to join the Performance Marketing team at Seera because it is the field, I want to grow in." 

Sara Alhakami, 2019 Jadarah candidate from Saudi Arabia: "After graduating from college, I did not have a clear idea of what my next step was going to be, and the Jadarah programme really helped me in organising my ideas. Now I understand what some of my strengths are and how I can work to develop them – being able to apply the skills I have built over the first two months of training during my internship with Seera has been very beneficial. My background in architecture drove me to join the UX/UI/User Research team because I wanted to further develop the knowledge, I gained during my college years and explore them in a new and unfamiliar field."

Curated 100% locally in the region, Jadarah offers a unique combination of training, mentorship, and on-the-job experience to diversify the capabilities and accelerate the growth of the Arab youth, in line with Saudi Vision 2030.  The programme includes strategic partnerships with digital industry giants including Google, Twitter, Microsoft, AWS and Udacity to give candidates an insight into some of the world’s most recognized and successful businesses. Currently, the programme has 22 candidates. 

Visit for more details on the programme. 

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